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Enterprise Goal:
Not want to be the biggest company, but want to be the best enterprise;
Quality surprises customers; service moves customers; the public respect the brand;
Build the enterprise into a basement for cultivating millionaires, help and lead more persons to get rich rapidly and accordingly more benefits will be rewarded to the society and the country.

Enterprise Tenet:
Take customers as orientation; take quality as life and take innovation as the power.

Enterprise Spirit:
Face the goals,firm the belief,not humble or not proud,
Face the future,work hard,fortitude.

Talent Belief:
Believe human nature is nice; advocate human as the basis and advocate self-decipline

Development Belief:
Development needs new ideas, new measures and new breakthroughs. That is to say, new eye scopes should be continuously exploited, new methods should be continuously adopted and new situations should be continuously created.
The lagged belief is the most lagged thing. Belief decides the direction; thoughts decide the exit; reliability decides the market; the courage decides the dimension and the will decides failures or successes.

Crisis Belief:
More dangers lie in the situation that all things go right;
The biggest crisis is that the crisis belief does not lie in our heart because where there is no crisis beliefs there are more crisis.

Value Belief:
The value of the product is exquisitely created by producers according to the quality standard;
The value of the brand is voted by customers'money.
The value of the talents is decided by the contribution that the talent brings to the enterprise.
The value of the enterprise is decided by how much value the enterprise creates for customers.

Sales Belief:
What we do is to market and not to dump;
What we do is to create the demand, not to follow the demand;
What we do is to add value, not to decrease the price.

Service Belief:
Customer’s satisfaction is our service standard;
Customer’s difficulties are our service subjects;
Customer’s expectation is our service direction.

Competition Belief:
There is no permanent advantages and what we should do is to surpass ourselves.
Now the competition is international, rapidly changeable and long-term.
The competition force comes from the integration of the inner and the outside resources, the unity of the whole group and the constant self-promotion and high efficiency.

League Belief:
Gather top talents and advantages; pass values and share resources and the two-win situations


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